Business in Malta

Strategically located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is perhaps more renowned for its multifaceted history and its thriving tourism industry. However, it has been an important commercial hub for entire centuries and in recent years it has also managed to carve a niche for itself as an ideal place to do business. Indeed, in recent years the economic growth and development of new industries have been quite remarkable.

Enterprises operating from the Maltese islands may benefit not only from its excellent logistical facilities, but also from the myriad of support that is provided by those entities that respond to the needs of business and industry in order to help it flourish in the country.

About Malta

The Maltese islands are positively unique. Consisting of three main islands – namely Malta, Gozo and Comino – the entire archipelago barely exceeds an area of 300 square kilometres and it takes less than a couple of hours to cross from one far end to the other. 

Yet, within such a small size, Malta contains a vast mixture that makes up for an intriguing tourist destination or home location – from the Neolithic Temples which are the oldest known man-made freestanding structures in the world, to the medieval city of Mdina and its narrow cobbled streets, from the crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and diving, to the entertainment and outdoor activities taking place all year round, from the prime examples of art and architecture particularly in the capital city of Valletta, to the commercial and industrial hubs around the islands. 

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Doing Business

While Malta might be more renowned as a touristic destination, those who have heard about its business-friendly environment have been enticed to learn more about its offering and often decided to expand or relocate their operations to the islands.Despite its small size, Malta has an economy that is thriving, particularly within industries such as advanced manufacturing, aviation, maritime, life sciences and healthcare, ICT, financial services, education, and tourism – all of which have good prospects for further growth and investment.

Amongst other advantages, companies operating in Malta benefit from a competitive fiscal environment and a wide range of financial assistance; the availability of a highly-skilled and multilingual workforce; high levels of professionalism and quality productivity; economic, political and social stability; a healthy and safe environment; a modern and efficient infrastructure; as well as industrial premises at competitive costs.

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Malta is located practically at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, in close proximity to the European Union and to North Africa. 

Frequent and direct flights from and to the Malta International Airport link the islands to most European cities and major cities in North Africa and the Middle East with less than three hours of flight time. A daily high speed catamaran service connects Malta to Sicilty, while other ferry services are also available between Malta and Italy or North Africa.

Besides the port facilities available in the Grand Harbour, the country can also boast the facilities at the Malta Freeport, which was the first transhipment hub in the Mediterranean region and ranks twelfth among the top European ports.It is the third largest transhipment and logistics centre in the Mediterranean – handling around 3 million TEUs every year – and, following recent investment, it has become the first hub in the region capable of handling 18,000TEU vessels and over on two berths.

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While Malta Industrial Parks Ltd is tasked with assisting investors by providing industrial space and, possibly, helping out in its development, there are other governmental organizations which are specifically set up to support investors in setting up and grow in Malta. 

The main such organization is Malta Enterprise, the government agency which seeks to attract foreign investment to Malta. Malta Enterprise provides a tailored service to help businesses, not only through the organization of fact finding visits and provision of information, but also through a myriad of support schemes and financial incentives aimed at facilitating the setting up, growth and internationalisation of businesses in Malta. These further complement the advantageous fiscal environment in the country.

Through Business First, Malta Enterprise also provides a point of single contact for businesses. A number of service agreements with various public entities make it possible for start-ups and established businesses alike to apply for various administrative services from one location.

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