Malta Industrial Parks Ltd

Gwardamangia Hill, Pieta'
MEC 0001

t: +356 2542 0000


While Malta Industrial Parks Ltd is tasked with assisting investors by providing industrial space and, possibly, helping out in its development, there are other governmental organizations which are specifically set up to support investors in setting up and grow in Malta. 

The main such organization is Malta Enterprise, the government agency which seeks to attract foreign investment to Malta. Malta Enterprise provides a tailored service to help businesses, not only through the organization of fact finding visits and provision of information, but also through a myriad of support schemes and financial incentives aimed at facilitating the setting up, growth and internationalisation of businesses in Malta. These further complement the advantageous fiscal environment in the country.

Through Business First, Malta Enterprise also provides a point of single contact for businesses. A number of service agreements with various public entities make it possible for start-ups and established businesses alike to apply for various administrative services from one location.

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