Ta’ Qali Crafts Village


This project, amounting to circa 13.3M of which 7.8M are being co-financed by the European Regional and Development Fund, aims to redevelop the Ta’ Qali Crafts Village which is presently owned and administered by Malta Industrial Parks Ltd. The village is a hub for a number of traditional Maltese crafts operators. This project will revitalize the village and create a centre of excellence for traditional Maltese artisans operating in the manufacturing of traditional Maltese goods and crafts. Malta Industrial Parks Ltd will be investing to upgrade and embellish the infrastructure of the common areas to improve the environment for the operators and visitors. It aims to increase the attractiveness of the location as a traditional Maltese crafts village to enable operators to showcase their artisanship and increase visitor numbers to ensure long term sustainability of the crafts village.


Gathering various skilled artisans in a 105,000sqm cluster, the Ta’ Qali Crafts Village is a popular spot for tourists who visit to view the production of local crafts and artefacts such as lace, glass-blowing, filigree, jewellery, pottery, furniture-making, metal works, stone works and more.

Located under the imposing bastions of the old capitalMdina, a good number of craftsmen are currently housed in huts that formed part of a wartime airfield used by the British Royal Air Force. However, a project announced in mid-2016 is set to give a total makeover to the village and provide a better space for tenants and visitors alike. Ta’ Qali is also home to the National Park, the National Stadium and other football facilities annexed to it, as well as a fairs and conventions centre.